date location venue other bands
March 28th 2014Tilburg, The NetherlandsLittle Devil
April 12th 2014Amsterdam, The NetherlandsThe Cave
June 14th 2014Breda, The NetherlandsBoulevard
July 22nd 2014Renesse, The NetherlandsClub Lub
October 10th 2014Roosendaal, The NetherlandsHeksenketel
November 8th 2014Waalwijk, The NetherlandsTavenu
November 14th 2014Dordrecht, The NetherlandsDolhuis
December 6th 2014Tilburg, The NetherlandsLittle Devil
January 16th 2015Breda, The NetherlandsMezz
January 30th 2015Etten-Leur, The NetherlandsZware Winterkost
January 31st 2015Deurne, The NetherlandsDe Roos
February 13th 2015Tilburg, The NetherlandsLittle Devil
March 7th 2015Roelofarendsveen, The NetherlandsSplotsz
March 13th 2015The Hague, The NetherlandsMusicon
March 14th 2015Bergen op Zoom, The NetherlandsGebouw T
April 3rd 2015Sevenum, The NetherlandsPrilpop
May 22nd 2015Middelburg, The NetherlandsBar American
June 6th 2015Zierikzee, The NetherlandsBrogum
June 27th 2015Roosendaal, The NetherlandsRoosendaal Open Air
June 27th 2015Nijverdal, The NetherlandsTattoofest preparty
July 3rd 2015Eindhoven, The NetherlandsCafé The Jack
July 11th 2015Amsterdam, The NetherlandsSugarfactory
February 27th 2016Zierikzee, The NetherlandsBrogum
March 19th 2016Roosendaal, The NetherlandsCafé Jaxx
April 2nd 2016Amsterdam, The NetherlandsA'dam Metalfest Afterparty
May 20th 2016The Hague, The NetherlandsMusicon
May 21st 2016Gorinchem, The NetherlandsPogo
August 20th 2016Nijverdal, The NetherlandsTattoofest
October 29th 2016Sneek, The NetherlandsSneker Metal Meeting
January 26th 2017Tilburg, The NetherlandsTattoofest on Tour
March 18th 2017Roosendaal, The NetherlandsMarch of the Black Horse
April 16th 2017Breda, The NetherlandsMezz POB parade
April 22nd 2017The Hague, The NetherlandsMusicon
June 17th 2017Roosendaal, The NetherlandsCafé JaxxRazorblade Messiah
September 22nd 2017The Hague, The NetherlandsMusicon
October 14th 2017Goes, The NetherlandsDe Vrijbuiter
October 15th 2017Breda, The NetherlandsMezz
October 24th 2017Nijmegen, The NetherlandsDoornroosjeDiablo BLVD
January 20th 2018Purmerend, The NetherlandsP3Seita, Cultura Tres, Rising Conflict
May 8th 2018The Hague, The NetherlandsMusiconTransport League
May 19th 2018Amsterdam, The NetherlandsMelkwegFleshgod Apocalypse, Obscura, The Charm The Fury, Hideous Divinity, For I Am King
June 8th 2018Vlaardingen, The NetherlandsKroepoekfabriekSeita, Magnacult
June 15th 2018Rotterdam, The NetherlandsBaroegKarma To Burn
June 29th 2018Amsterdam, The NetherlandsVolta Metal Night XIVRise Of The Wood, Thoughtless
June 30th 2018Roosendaal, The NetherlandsJaxxHilton Dive, Terradown
September 22nd 2018Oostburg, The NetherlandsKashfestGod Dethroned, Bloodsphere, When Plagues Collide, Depths Of Kronos
October 5th 2018Hilversum, The NetherlandsVorstinSeita, Magnacult
October 6th 2018Tilburg, The NetherlandsLittle DevilMagnacult
October 13th 2018Nijverdal, The NetherlandsClubArtSeita, Magnacult
November 3rd 2018Zaandam, The NetherlandsDe FluxSeita, Magnacult
January 26th 2019Hoorn, The NetherlandsManifestoSinister, Seita
February 1st 2019Sittard, The NetherlandsVoltMagnaCult
February 2nd 2019Breda, The NetherlandsMezzEmpty & MagnaCult
February 3rd 2019Vlissingen, The NetherlandsDe PiekMagnaCult a.o.
February 15th 2019Eindhoven, The NetherlandsCafé The JackInferum
March 8th 2019Zeist, The NetherlandsDe PeppelInferum
May 11th 2019Zierikzee, The NetherlandsBrogumParadigm, Downcast Collision
June 19th 2019Haarlem, The NetherlandsPatronaatw/ Twelve Foot Ninja
September 12th 2019Nijmegen, The NetherlandsPopronde Nijmegen, Kollektief Kafee Bijstand
September 13th 2019Apeldoorn, The NetherlandsPopronde Apeldoorn, Café OzzyDeathtrap, Tricklebolt
October 6th 2019Dordecht, The NetherlandsPopronde Dordrecht, Café 't Avontuur
November 7th 2019Middelburg, The NetherlandsPopronde Middelburg, Bar AmericanParacetamøl
November 15th 2019Enschede, The NetherlandsPopronde Enschede, Café Rocks
November 29th 2019's Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands's Hertogenbosch, W2